tirsdag den 26. oktober 2010


Its not often i need to bring a hammer on the set to destroy the object.... Nice working with Peugeot and the team at Sunrise on this campaign. 

Client: Peugeot
Product Manager: Klaus Seidler
Agency: Sunrise 
Production Manager: Dorthe Fink
Art Director: Janne Østergaard
Copywriter: Anne Glad
Project Manager: Jesper Heinsvig
Photographer: Michael Langhoff

torsdag den 21. oktober 2010

Favorites on Facebook

Just created a new page on Facebook - facebook.com/michaellanghoffphotography. Here you can see some of my favorite shots, hope you like them as well...

This favorite was made back in the days for Bring Citymail in their search for the perfect Citymailman the campaign was created by Kasper Andersen from Hjaltelin, Stahl & Co.

See you at Facebook