lørdag den 28. maj 2011


Client: Peugeot
Agency: Sunrise 

Production Manager: Dorthe Fink
Art Director: Janne Østergaard
Copywriter: Anne Glad
Project Manager: Malene Louise Degn-Petersen
Photographer: Michael Langhoff

søndag den 22. maj 2011

New agent in Hamburg

Now represented in Germany by Katinka Krieger Rep. 

Contact info:
Katinka Krieger Rep.
Isestrasse 25
20144 Hamburg
+49 40 430 95 770

torsdag den 19. maj 2011

Clear channel

At the danish Creative Circle Award show, Clear Channel wanted to show the possibilities in the outdoor media.     

Client: Clear Channel
Agency: Se lige mig!
Creative: Simon Engstrøm, Peter Willer alias Mix
Photographer: Michael Langhoff
Members of the band Le Klik