tirsdag den 16. marts 2010

DSB WildCard

It was a great experience shooting this campaign for DSB WildCard and BATES Y&R. This campaign is based on real WildCard users - casted from the Facebook group "WildCard". 3.400 users (about 100 less that auditioned for X-factor) applied, 7 was picked. See more in the article from "DSB i dag". You find it below... Or have a look on the webpage: http://www.dsb.dk/Om-billetter-og-kort/Indland/Kort/Unge-og-studerende/WildCard/landingpages/modeller-forside/ to see the models in action. 
Nice working with the team:

Client: DSB WildCard, Marketing Project Manager Morten Kruse Sørensen
Agency: BATES Y&R
Production Manager, Art Buyer: Mikkel Stig Christensen, BATES Y&R
Art Director: Mads Faber, BATES Y&R
Copywriter: Simon Kragh, BATES Y&R
Project Manager: Ida Emme, BATES Y&R
Photographer: Michael Langhoff